You can't miss it as you drive along I-25 through the Denver Tech Center in Greenwood Village, Colorado!  It's tall!  It's cool!  Especially at night it is neat with all the changing flags and color lighting at different seasons and on different occasions.  People ask, what is it?  The 100 foot tall spiral steel sculpture is part of the Raymond A. Bullock Park honoring his more than twenty-five years of service to the Denver Technologicl Center for his role in DTC's Goldsmith Metropolitan District and Architectural Control Commitee. 

The park is about two acres in size yet makes a major impact with its massive sculpture.  Also striking at the base of the sculpture is a semicircle of flag poles flying festive flags flanking a larger pole flying the American Flag. 

A plaque at the base of the sculpture recognizes many others who contributed to the Denver Tech Center along the way.  Of course recognized is the visionary who led the way for over thirty years, George Mackenzie Wallace.

The Denver Technological Center is a nationally recognized mixed-use business development.  From its inception in the early 1980's, the Denver Technological Center (DTC) has achieved a reputation for its quality, scale and character.