It will be here soon! And when it is, Our City’s residents and visitors will walk, run, or skip across Lincoln Avenue without a care in the world. Thanks to a new agreement with Fentress Architects, the Denver based firm that designed Denver International Airport, the new Charles Schwab campus, and pedestrian bridges throughout the country. Lone Tree officials will soon review potential pedestrian bridge designs. 


 Once City Council reviews these designs, it will be the residents’ turn. “We’re going to get three conceptual designs, and then we'll take those to our residents and they’ll help decide what the bridge is going to look like,” explained City Councilmember Harold Anderson. “We’re going to make sure we have a nice-looking bridge.” 


 Due to Our City’s steady growth, we need to keep traffic moving along Lincoln Avenue and create safe, pedestrian access between amenities north and south of Lincoln Avenue.


  City Officials looked at several possible sites over the past few years before selecting the perfect location: The pedestrian bridge will connect the Willow Creek Trail and Lone Tree Elementary to the Willow Creek linear park. (See aerial image.) Officials are hopeful this new landmark will be completed in 2016 and expect it will be funded through a partnership that includes the City of Lone Tree and area agencies with a vested interest in helping pedestrians get around our town safely.