Great news future RidgeGate residents: The Lone Tree City Council approved tract GG, a preliminary plan to develop the Retreat of RidgeGate under a few conditions.

On April 5 the city council decided that Century will be allowed to start construction south of Cabela’s for a 50-house development starting this fall. Sales are projected to start in spring 2017.

Originally, Century presented a plan to build 70 homes, however, the city council had a lot of concerns about the large number and the intensity of the development. At the April 5 meeting, Century presented its revised plan and got a recommendation from the city council.

The construction is based on a few conditions, however. The biggest condition was for Century to reach an agreement with Montecito (Coventry) about the long-term maintenance and snow removal of Alicante Road as an emergency access road.

There will be two models built on the nearly 50-acre site, a ranch style home and a multistory home.