Lone Tree Mayor Jim Gunning is convinced that the city is a great place to develop more business in the future. Located 20 miles south of downtown Denver and less than 10 miles from the Denver Tech Center, Lone Tree has a lot to offer to both businesses and residents. Its strengths lie in retail with Park Meadows shopping mall, office with Charles Schwab, and healthcare and medical with Sky Ridge Medical Center.

Because of all these businesses in the city, Lone Tree requires no property tax and relies solely on sales tax.

Gunning predicts that the large investments the city has made in the infrastructure will pay off in the future. Not only does Lone Tree have two light-rail stops, one at Park meadows mall and one at Lincoln Station, but there will be an additional one by Sky Ridge Medical Center.

Walkability is another big factor in why the city is so attractive for residents and businesses. A new pedestrian bridge over Lincoln at Heritage Hills Circle will improve traffic and reachability of businesses.

All in all, Lone Tree is becoming more and more attractive to people and it shows in the city budget.