Plans are well underway for Lone Tree’s first-ever community garden. It will be located on the back side of Lone Tree Elementary School. Planned it open on May 1. 

“This garden will further build the sense of community that Our City takes such pride in providing,” explained City Councilmember Susan Squyer. 

This will not be just any community garden. It will be very special because it will be on a school site. It will be the first community garden located on a campus within the Douglas County School District. According to Shannon Spurlock of Denver Urban Gardens (DUG) there are many benefits of locating on a school site.  DUG is experienced in creating school- based gardens and is helping Our Community with the design, construction, fundraising, and management of the garden. 

What are the benefits? Teachers will have the opportunity of an outdoor classroom in which students can take part in hands-on lessons. Community members will have access to space to grow food, get their hands dirty, and meet some neighbors. Since the garden will be located on school property, community gardeners will also get background checks! 

Up to one-fifth of the gardening plots will be assigned to Lone Tree Elementary students. The remainder will be designated to community members. All of them will “reap what they sow”. The community members who help get the garden established, will have first dibs at getting their names drawn for the first garden plots. There will be volunteer work days on Saturdays in April, weather permitting. “Many hands will make this light work,” said Jennifer Drybread, Lone Tree’s senior planner. “We encourage residents to participate!”

Spring 2015

Construction begins and volunteer days are scheduled.

 May 2015

Garden opens to the public.


Interested in volunteering or contributing

to construction costs?

Contact Jennifer Drybread at 303-708-1818


Interested in a garden plot when they

become available?

Contact Rick Sauer at 303-858-9877 or