With the many homes that are for sale in metro Denver, Colorado, setting yours apart can be the key to a successful home sale.  Sellers often renovate their ktichens to add value to their home and make it more comptetitive in the market. The populairity of home renovation reality shows has raised the bar for kitchen remodels and exposed sellers to the latest in design trends.  However, investing in these trends may not be worth the time and cost if you plan on moving soon after completing the project.  

Before you embark on a full-scale kitchen renovation, keep in mind:

Avoid professional-grade appliances.  Although dual-fuel ranges and multiple ovens may be all the rage, resist thinking that these pricey features will woo potential buyers.  Whoever buys your Denver home may or may not cook or may prefer a simpler setup.  Instead, replace aging stoves, dishwashers and refrigertators with standard, energy efficient models.  

Remember that your taste and the buyer's taste may differ.  Regardless of how much money you spend on the remodel, the new owners will want to stamp their mark on the place.  

Think twice about expensive cabinets and countertops.  Unless your cabinets or countertops are in poor condition, they don't need to be replaced.  Instead, consider refinishing them or remove clutter and do a thorough cleaning.  With some organization and elbow grease, your kitchen will look as good as new.  

Sometimes all it takes is a can of paint.  One of the cheapest ways to revamp the look of the ktichen is with color, or lack thereof.  Paint the walls a neutral shade to create a blank canvas for prospective buyers.  

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If you are planning on placing your Denver home for sale an need some direction, call me for recommended kitchen designers, kitchen stagers and other resources. Your journey into the Denver real estate market will be made much more enjoyable.