Today I just spent two additional hours in proofing and improving a listing photo brochure.  I ask you, how many agents take the time to do this?  I know the answer, but I would like to know what you think.  If our company isn't the only residential real estate firm in Metropolitan Denver that has an in-house marketing department, we certainly are the only company that has a formal marketing department structured as we do with a six member staff.  This includes two information technology (IT) employees.  Yet with all this power and assistance, it still boils down to the agent having the critical eye for how to give a property identity or its own personality.  This morning I received a brochure proof for one of my newest listings.  My assistant and I had already reselected and rearranged the photos three times in the Denver MLS and on  Yet once again with the brochure proof from our marketing department, we changed and added photos that would best enhance a hard copy piece.  These brochures are placed in the home for prospective buyers to take home after viewing the property.  This presentation can and will make a huge difference in the buyer's perception and memory of the property.  Quality is impacted by going the extra step and tending to even the smallest of details.  Do most home sellers realize this?  What do you think?