Kentwood Company Office Greenwood Village, COShowings, or prospective homebuyers that are looking at our listings, are always a good indication of how the housing market is doing and perhaps where the market is headed.  Showings to date for 2012 have increased dramatically from four years ago.  And much of this increase has come in the last four weeks.  Take a look at this chart for Kentwood Company's record of showings over the last four years.  You will notice a great increase for each month this year as compared to last year as well as from four years ago when the big bust in the housing market came.  

Kentwood Company Home Showings for year over year March 2012

March 2012 is a 23% increase from March 2011.    Kentwood Company's sales volume is up 31% for the first quarter of 2012 compared to the first quarter of 2011.  The average sales price for the same period is up 23%.  

The sales volume for Kentwood Real Estate, which is all three of Kentwood's offices, in March 2012 is up 69% from March a year ago!  The first quarter is up 51% for all three offices!  Kentwood Real Estate is on fire!

Of the last five homes that I have written offers on for my buyers, we have been competing on every one with multiple offers.  On one of these homes we were competing with investors who wanted to do a fix and flip.  Things are changing in Denver's housing market.  Will people say four-five years from now, "I wish I would have bought then!"?