The Douglas County School District is considering the purchase of a building in Lone Tree, which could one day become the home to District Child Find and Bridge programs, as well as Eagle Academy, DCSD’s evening high school program. District leaders say the facility, which is centrally located, is an affordable way to address needs identified in the District’s Master Capital Plan.

The property, located at 9350 Teddy Lane, is 26,000 square feet and would cost the District $3.95 million dollars to purchase and an estimated $3 million to renovate.

“Building a similar facility from scratch would double the cost,” said DCSD Director of Planning and Construction Rich Cosgrove. “This facility would meet our needs and is properly zoned.”

Currently, the Bridge North and Child Find North programs are located in leased properties, which cost the District $166,000 a year. Additionally, the Bridge North program will require an additional classroom next year, due to growth.

The Master Capital Plan also identifies the need for $29.3 million dollars for new construction in order to meet the needs of alternative secondary school students. Eagle Academy currently is hosted at Highlands Ranch High School, which has limited the school’s growth.

Finally, the building would provide shared spaces for conferences and training for the District’s teachers and support staff.

DCSD staff has conducted a thorough review of the facility and hosted a meeting with residents in the area. While the building passed due diligence for infrastructure and traffic issues, neighbors have voiced concerns regarding the placement of Eagle Academy at the facility, as well as any usage of the building for evening programs.

The Board of Education will consider the purchase during its meeting today Tuesday, January 17 at 6pm. If approved, District leadership will finalize plans for the building, including which programs will be housed there.

WATCH: Livestream of January 17, 2017 Board of Education Meeting

Below is additional information about the programs being considered for the building:

Eagle Academy
DCSD's afternoon/evening high school dedicated to serving the needs of high school students seeking an alternative path to earning a high school diploma.  Eagle Academy is committed to providing students with a multi-faceted relevant learning experience that nurtures confidence and facilitates exploration and self-discovery.  Eagle Academy is focused on encouraging students to fulfill graduation requirements in an accelerated, academic, and supportive environment.  This is accomplished by students, faculty, staff, parents and the community working together towards student success.  Students must be between the ages of 16 and 20 and have attended their neighborhood school for at least one year.  Eagle Academy students currently attend school Monday through Thursday from 3:10 p.m. to 9:01 p.m. and are encouraged to be employed (not required), involved in a vocational training program or volunteer regularly for a minimum of six hours a week.  Smaller class sizes, personalized instruction and a family atmosphere are the hallmarks of the Eagle Academy community.

Child Find
Teams (consisting of a DCSD psychologist, social worker, speech pathologist, and occupational therapist) administer developmental screenings and/or comprehensive evaluations for young children, who reside in Douglas County, from birth through age five. Any family who has concerns about their child can request an appointment. Additionally, teams work with a broad network of community partners and referral sources to identify any child suspected of having delays in development. All assessments are completed at no cost to the family, in a transdisciplinary model, in which the child is observed in play situations with structured and unstructured facilitation of sensorimotor, social-emotional, language and communication, and cognitive development.

Bridge Program
An extension of Douglas County Schools transition services, the program serves students 18-21 years of age with significant support needs in the areas of adult living skills and vocational goals. Students qualifying for this program concentrate on preparing for adult living and working experiences.

Conference Space
DCSD intends to build a conference room for employees to attend meetings and participate in professional development.

Potential Layouts of the Ground and Second Floors of 9350 Teddy Lane are below.