Cherry Creek Mortgage Introduces “The Home Ownership Accelerator” by CMG Mortgage Services

Home Ownership Accelerator GraphHow can this loan pay off sooner?

By direct deposit of your income into this mortgage.  It has an immediate and dramatic impact on your principle balance.  With this loan, interest is based on your daily balance, so when your paycheck hits, you start saving interest compared to a traditioanal loan.  For more information watch this five minute video on the Home Ownership Accelerator

Let's say you have an emergency and need money?

Because this new loan comes with a built-in equity line, you can actually pay your bills automatically through bill pay, write a check and even use a debit/credit card.  Access to your money has never been easier. 

This loan is based on the LIBOR index and interest rates are going up.  What will happen to my loan?

Borrowing is no longer just about the rate!  It's about how many dollars of interest you pay on the outstanding balance.  And because with this loan your principal balance is continually forced down by your direct deposits, this in effect off-sets any rate increases.  Because interest is computed for this loan on a daily balance, you can sweep business deposits, rental income, commissions and bonuses into your account and watch your loan slowly disappear and interest expense dwindle by thousands of dollars!

What type of homeowner is best suited for this type of loan?   

The CMG Home Ownership Accelerator is ideally suited for people who want to pay off their mortgage for retirement, make investments, and have positive cash flows.  These people understand that parking their reserve cash in low interest bearing accounts against their mortgage balance can earn them a much higher return.

If I find out I don't like the loan, what can I do? 

At no cost to you, CMG would change to another loan of your choice at prevailing market rates.  This loan comes with a 6-12 month unconditional guarantee which is unheard of in the mortgage industry. 

If I lose my job and can't pay the interest expense, what happens? Home Ownership Accelerator Balance Comparison

The payment is added to your account automatically and as long as there is equity remaining, your payments are made.  No thirty day late fees and no ruined credit! 

I want to thank Rick Koble of Cherry Creek Mortgage for assisting in authoring this blog.  Rick said, "I have evaluated and studied this loan for the last two years, and after eight years in the mortgage industry I can truthfully say I have never seen anything that can compare to it.  I strongly urge anyone reading this article to visit our website Rick Koble at Cherry Creek Mortgage and watch the above mentioned 5 minute video to test drive our patient simulator to see if this loan works for you.  All the benefits of this loan cannot possibly be covered in this one article.  However, I did try to cover the major questions asked at our workshops."  Call Rick at 303.389.5709 for an appointment and let's see if this loan can change your life.