In visiting with a client yesterday, she told me she had just completed a course on composting.  She now provides training on composting at shcools and other civic groups.  I learned there is a lot more to proper composting than just throwing your organic garbage into a pile somewhere in the back yard.  My client took her course and training through Denver Urban Gardens. 

D.U.G is neat!  They offer neighborhoods the resources for community gardens and ongoing technical expertise with 1) securing sustainable land for community gardens, 2) designing and building gardens, 3) supporting garden organization, leadership, outreach, and maintenance, 4) utilizing gardens as extraordinary places for learning and healthy living, and linking gardens with related local food system projects and policy. 

DUG was created in 1985 with a handful of volunteers who created three gardens in northwest Denver.  In 2010, DUG celebrated 25 years of service to Metro Denver and broke ground on their 100th community garden.  In addition to community gardens across metro Denver, they provide the Master Composter Training Program, the Master Community Gardener Training Program, and provide extensive education in nutrition and gardening in Denver schools.  What a great way to use Denver real estate for adults and children.  Check out their website at .