As hard as it is to believe, we have already reach that point in the Summer, August and it is hot! Although it is an exciting time for that beautiful garden that is in full swing with the flower beds brighter than ever and the vegetable garden thriving and about ready for harvest! 


It seems like there may be only two things to do to your garden this month, watering and weeding, but there is so much to be done to help your garden beat the heat and prepare for the fall!


Below are some items to help maintain and prepare for fall and to minimize work in the fall.

  • Remove Weeds
  • Pick out your autumn flower seeds and order in advance to ensure they have optimal time to arrive for planting.
  • Fertilize your lawn with a Summer revitalizer.
  • Once produce is ready harvest regularly and hoe weekly to weaken the common weeds
  • Add compost and mulch to keep your garden cool and to prepare for the fall months
  • Plant fall veggie starts or transplants
  • Move houseplants back indoors to acclimate them to limited sun exposure as the days tend to get shorter. 
  • If you can't water in the morning, aim for watering in the early evening to avoid letting the water sit all night. If water sits all night it can cause mildew and disease. 
  • The upcoming fall months are perfect for planting and to start thinking about what shrubs/trees you may want in your fall garden. 
  • Cut or preserve your vegetables for winter use, begin to save seeds and take cuttings.
  • Don't forget its best to work during the early morning and early evening to avoid overheating your plants! 

Hope these garden tips and tricks help you and your garden to look its best and prepare as we head into fall!