Sell Your Home with Confidence

The first step is getting your home prepared or "prepped" for viewings by homebuyers.  None of us live in our homes the same way we want them to be ready for showings.  So, don't take offense, instead start decluttering and cleaning using common sense.  Ask yourself when you are out looking for a home, what appeals to you in regard to condition, cleanliness and appearance? 

While kitchens and bathrooms are the most carefully scrutinized areas of the the home, even the smallest of details are important.  Really good, experienced agents can pretty much tell you what the home is going to be like on the inside before they ever go in.  And homebuyers are impacted by the  curb appeal and even while they are standing at the front door waiting for their agent to get the lock box open.  Are the front porch lights clean and free of cobwebs?  Does the door bell button have years of grime build-up that could be cleaned off in thirty seconds with a bottle of Fantastic or 409?  If you don't dust off the ledges of the furnace and the top of the hot water heater in the basement, no one will notice.  But...if you do, it's another "wow" that the homebuyers will say to each other about how well kept the home is.  The smallest of details are important because they can have a cumulative affect.

The Majority of Home Sellers Do Not Know Why Their Home is Not Selling

Ask just about any home seller why their home hasn't sold, and about the best answer they can give you is "It's the market".  Most really don't know the true reasons why it hasn't sold.  It isn't easy always getting the truth from each party that has viewed the home why they really did not want to buy it. Homebuyers don't want to be offensive with their feedback.  There are few agents who can tactfully and artfully get to the bottom of the common thread of the reason(s) a home isn't selling.  Have a good discussion with your listing agent about how they are going to accomplish this if the home doesn't sell right away on its own merits. 

Why List with Kentwood Real Estate?

First in Sales

The Kentwood brokers outsell the competition, with agents selling an average of $7 million per broker, per year. That's more than any other office in the markets served by Kentwood.

Experienced Brokers

Kentwood's agents average 20 years in real estate and have sold every property type in virtually every neighborhood.

Outstanding Reputation

Repeat business and referrals constitute more than 90% of Kentwood's annual sales, which this year will exceed $1.1 billion.

Broad Exposure

Our comprehensive approach to marketing integrates electronic, print and other media reaching a wide range of qualified buyers and brokers.  Our website presence with is unparalleled.

Three Convenient Sales Locations

You can work with us, any day of the week, at our locations across the city and Denver suburbs, as each office has in-depth expertise specific to the community.  Kentwood Real Estate is comprised of the Kentwood Company in the Denver Tech Center, Kentwood Company at Cherry Creek and Kentwood City Properties in downtown Denver.

A Dedication to Professionalism

Kentwood has been synonymous with Denver real estate for more than 30 years.  Count on the highest level of personal attention from results-driven professionals.  In short, when you hire Kentwood you receive all of the knowledge, experience, and resources of our entire company and receive the benefits of all our education and experience. Call Garland Thurman today at the Kentwood Company 303.779.3346. 

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