Chances are if you have been out and about recently you have seen these yellow bikes around your neighborhood. They look like, at first glance, that someone has abandoned their bike or many of them seem to be left in random places, but make no mistake those bikes are left there on purpose! This is called OFO and its super easy to use!

1. Download the app on any mobile device and register with your basic information and payment method.

2. Use the map function to locate available bikes nearby.

3. Once an available bike is located, scan the QR code on the license plate or enter the plate number manually to unlock the bike and you'll be ready to go. 

4. Once you have completed your ride, park the bicycle in an appropriate location, lock it and tap "trip complete" in the app and that's it! 

These bikes can be found virtually anywhere and make it a fun and easy way to get outside! The cost is only $1 an hour for as many hours as one would like! Next time you see a yellow "abandoned" bike, take it out for a ride!