Sometimes finding just the right home takes time to learn what all the options are and continually learning and refining one's priorities.  Even a homebuyer themselves may not at first realize their absolute top priorities until they have had the chance to compare Denver homes for sale and their various neighborhood locations.  What is really most important?  Is it style of home, number of bedrooms, square footage, a specific neighborhood, the part of town home is in, resale versus new construction, schools, kids nearby, single family versus townhome or condominium, or just what is it that creates that "Wow!" factor. 

The Realtor needs to really listen to the homebuyer and help them bring the most important priorities to the top of the list.  This certainly does not always happen during the first meeting with a client.  It may just take a little time.  Each time you meet with a client reassess the weight of the top priorites. 

You will know you have been successful in your efforts when the client walks into a home and immediately says, "Wow!".