At a recent community meeting, reported by the Lone Tree Voice, the majority of attendants supported the plan of building a pedestrian bridge on Lincoln Avenue in Lone Tree. The city plans to build the bridge across Lincoln at the intersection of Heritage Hills Circle, just west of the Charles Schwab corporate complex. There are two very modern architectural designs in the works, one being a leaf, which would be symbolic to the city of Lone Tree, and the other being an arch design. Both would incorporate big glass panels which would provide great mountain views for pedestrians.

Both designs are quite costly with $6.8 million for the leaf, and $6.3 million for the arch design. However, Lone Tree would not cover the cost alone: South Suburban Parks and Recreation, Douglas County Government, and Park Meadows Metro District would support the project with $1 million each. Additionally, Omni Park Metropolitan District promised to contribute $25,000. RidgeGate is going as far as donating the land on the south side to make this project happen. Furthermore, Lone Tree is working on getting even more sponsors. 

If the project gets approved, the construction could start as early as 2016. Supporters say the bridge would provide many new advantages to residents, such as a connection for the Willow Creek Trail, safe crossing to the new Lone Tree Library, and a lot less traffic delays caused by pedestrians wanting to cross. Moreover, city officials speculate that the bridge could be beneficial for property prices.

Critical voices claim that the project is a waste of money and that the money should be invested in the new Library complex. The city’s zoning commission, however, says that pedestrian friendly communities are the way of the future and that they are welcoming the project.