A new I-70 Mountain Express Lane opened for the season on December 12, 2015!  This has the potential to alleviate some of the heavy traffic that is ever present over the weekends during ski season and the beautiful summer months.   

According to CDOT, the Express Lane runs 13 miles along eastbound I-70 from Empire to Idaho Springs.  It will be open 73 days a year during periods of peak travel, and will be used as a shoulder when not open.  Toll rates will vary based on number of vehicles on the road.  As traffic increases, prices will increase.  On the low end, you will pay $3.00 if you have an ExpressToll account ($6.75 License Plate Toll).  That price will increase to $15 ExpressToll ($25 License Plate Toll) during high volume periods. 

Those traveling in the Express Lane can typically expect a time savings of about 30 minutes, as travel time between the Eisenhower Tunnel and the top of Floyd Hill is expected to be reduced by nearly half.  The hope is to increase travel speeds in all lanes allowing for an easier mountain driving experience.