A new behavioral health hospital that is to be built along the E-470 corridor was recently approved by Douglas County officials. This will create at least 170 more jobs in the area.

The package of tax incentives is worth over $233,000 to assist in building this 75,000 square-foot hospital which will join in the “medical mile” along E-470 along with several medical manufacturers, Parker Adventist Hospital, and Rocky Vista University.

The terms of the deal with Douglas County are that Denver Springs will collect a business-personal property tax incentive which will cover over 100% of all business personal property taxes for the next ten years with an estimated rebate of more than $120,000. The county also approved a fee waiver request of $105,000 for the permitting and review process of the hospital.

Douglas County wants to attract primary employers by creating a business-friendly atmosphere. The new hospital is set to open in 2016.