The city council approved the elaborate 85 foot-tall leaf design for the pedestrian bridge in Lone Tree on June 16. The bridge is to be built by late 2016 over Lincoln Avenue at Heritage Hills Circle (west of the Charles Schwab corporate campus).

This is a big project for the city which will cost $6.8 million. However, Lone Tree will not have to carry the complete cost for the bridge: there is a considerable number of local supporters such as South Suburban Parks and Recreation, Douglas County Government, the Park Meadows Metro District, Coventry Development, and Omni Park Metropolitan District to only name a few. These entities will support the construction with about $3.5 million.

The community is very happy about the decision to build a pedestrian bridge because not only should it reduce traffic, but it will also provide a north/south trail which the city has wanted for a while. Also, it will close the gap between RidgeGate and the rest of the city which people have been hoping for.

The city of Lone Tree held several public meetings about the design which the community greatly appreciated. A few hundred people attended these meetings or listened in at the town hall. The reception of this new project has been very positive and the people of Lone Tree are looking forward to having the new bridge next year.