It has been a five year planning phase but finally change is near: UA Meadows 12-screen theater is going to be renovated. The city of Lone Tree is hoping that many other landowners in the area will follow.

And, there is more to change! Lone Tree plans to rework the intersection of Park Meadows and Kimmer into a four-way signalized intersection. The construction is said to be finished before the beginning of the fall holiday season. Furthermore, South Suburban Parks and Recreation are designing a park at the same intersection.

The city of Lone Tree has been working with business and property owners in the area around the theater to establish a new business improvement district (BID). A BID describes a cooperation to raise economic development within a definite area. Improvements you find in a BID are usually subsidized by property taxes, fees, or special assessments.

The suggested BID in Lone Tree would include businesses from Yosemite Street east to UA Meadows movie theater as well as from C-470 south to Park Meadows Drive which includes 29 property owners. If those property owners approve the BID, an estimated $300.000 would be generated by Lone Tree to help market the area by improving for example the parking lot, landscaping, maintenance, and infrastructure.

Lone Tree has been wanting to revamp the area for a while. In 2013, city officials paid consultants $100.000 to design a pedestrian-friendly area with a promenade, parks, fountains, kids play areas, fireplaces, and other outdoor gathering spots. However, nothing had ever come of it until now because of the movie theater, which is the center of the tentatively called Lone Tree Plaza,  that needed remodeling.