Not only have many areas in Metro Denver had real estate and home price drops over the last three years, today's interest rates make homes dirt cheap.  No pun intended.  The opportunity in today's Denver real estate market will not last forever.  In fact, is there a housing shortage coming?  Let me know what you think.  The Impending Housing Shortage

There has been little movement in home mortgage interest rates lately.  Here is a weekly rate overview from Cherry Creek Mortgage.  

Loan Type                       Rate

30 Yr Fixed                     4.375%
15 Yr Fixed                       3.75%

5 Yr ARM                        3.375%

30 Yr Fixed Jumbo            4.5 % + 1 Pt
5 Yr ARM Jumbo               3.75%

FHA 30 Yr Fixed                 4.0%

Investment Property          4.5% + 1 Pt