Wow!  The Denver City Council on Monday approved an ordinance change that will ease restrictions on Denver residents for keeping goats, chickens and ducks.  If you didn't know it, Denver residents could already legally keep these animals on their property.  To do so, residents have had to obtain a permit that requires them to notify their neighbors of their intention to own animals and pay a one-time $100 permit fee and $50 a year for chickens and $100 a year for such livestock as goats. 

When Monday's approved ordinance goes into effect, residents will pay only a one-time $20 license fee without having to get a zoning permit or notify the public!  The license will allow them to keep up to eight chickens or ducks, but no roosters or drakes, and up to two dwarf goats. 

Was it well known by the general public that this issue was being discussed and voted upon by the City Council?  Will this kind of go under the radar screen or will the public file a referendum petition within the required time and with the required number of signatures?  Stay tuned.