If you are a fan of the popular restaurant downtown known as La Loma, then you will be even more excited to know that there is going to be another restaurant opening in Lone Tree that is owned by Mark and William Brinkerhoff, the same people as La Loma. This restaurant is named Sierra, and will be located by the Cabelas that was built in 2013. The atmosphere will be more of a mountain lodge, sitting atop a hill. 

 The Marketing Manager from Brinkerhoff Hospitality, Deanna Price says, "Sierra is quite a bit different from La Loma. It definitely has an elevated feel, we're still really going for the rustic approach, similar to La Loma, with brick and high-beam ceilings. Sierra just has some more modern touches to it." 

Although, the menu is still being developed, Head Chef Gerry Castro says "We're going to have some of La Loma's items on there, but then we're going to have some other things like fish plates and really nice pasta dishes" 

They will also be offering a great wine selection and will be putting together a cocktail menu. As this project get closer to completion we will keep you updated with the grand opening! 

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