Douglas County’s school officials are about to take a closer look into the 2015 teacher’s survey. The survey, which is given out every two years by the New Teacher Center, has had negative responses from the teacher’s side since it was newly implemented in 2012 by DCSD to get more detailed information.

70% of the teachers that took the survey do not think that the survey portrays an accurate picture of their effectiveness. 60% of the teachers that took the survey do not believe that the evaluation process helps them improve their instructional strategies.

Also, the 2015 survey shows that 44% of the teachers do not believe the evaluations are fair. In 2011, only 13% of the teachers felt that way.

However, the survey has some positive responses as well, for example most teachers feel good about the support of their community, their effectiveness as leaders, the high professional standards to which they are held and the sense that their individual schools are a great place to work and learn.