Douglas County recently approved two out of three applications from charter schools. John Adams High School and Parker Performing Arts School will most likely be available for new students in 2016, while Milestone Academy’s application was denied. County officials stated their application was not strong enough but that the school can modify and resubmit its application.

Both John Adams and Parker Performing Arts are now looking for appropriate sites. While John Adams would prefer the specific area along C-470/I25, Parker Performing Arts is fine with something along C-470.

John Adams is expected to add to the education setting in Douglas County. The school will be open to all students, pre-charter or not and will focus on Advanced Placement courses where students will meet with college counselors on a monthly basis. This is a new concept for the area as STEM and SkyView Academy, both located in Highlands Ranch, are the only two other Douglas County charter schools that offer secondary education. John Adams still promises a regular high school experience with sports and proms.

School officials for John Adams are also talking about providing transportation for students. A high number of intend-to-enroll forms have been submitted so that chances are good school busses will be provided.

As far as Parker Performing Arts goes, the school hopes to open in August 2016 with 525 students. The school plans to involve all attending students in performing arts on a daily basis. Younger students will be exposed to all different kinds of performing arts while the older students get to choose an area they want to focus on.