Interest rates for Denver real estate and home purchases have inched up a bit.  In September we were looking at 4.25% for a thirty year fixed rate loan.  This week that rate is closer to 4.5%.  Who knows, the rate may be back down a quarter percent by next week.  FHA rates remain the same however for a thirty year fixed rate at about 4.0% and no points.  The below rates are this week's quotes from Cherry Creek Mortgage. 

PRODUCT                 RATE      POINTS
30 Yr. Fixed              4.5%     0.0%
15 Yr Fixed               3.875     0.0%
5-Yr ARM                 3.125%   1.0%
30 Yr Fixed              4.75%     0.5%
5-Yr ARM Jumbo      3.375%   0.07%
FHA 30 Yr Fixed       4.0%      0.0%
FHA 5/1 ARM           3.25%    0.0%
Investment Property 
30 Yr. Fixed 5.25% 0.75%

Forecasts in the money market it seems are worth about as you are paying for them, but for whatever it's worth, the Mortgage Bankers Association expect purchases with mortgages to almost double in 2013 as the economy picks up.  We all know that forecasts can change based on numerous factors.