The Regional Transportation District board has approved Balfour Beatty Infrastructure Inc. to design and build the southeast light rail extension in Douglas County. The design phase for this $233 million project will start this fall and construction is estimated to begin in spring 2016.Balfour Beatty Infrastructure Inc. plans on completing the project in early 2019.

This extension will add an additional 2.3 miles onto the southeast line, south of Lincoln Avenue and along the west side of I-25 from Lincoln Station. It will cross over the highway and run along the east side of the highway to the south of RidgeGate Parkway. Once completed, residents and visitors can travel from RidgeGate Station to Denver International Airport or downtown to Union Station. RidgeGate Station is also going to provide 1,300 parking spaces. Two more stations will be added along the extension: one by Sky Ridge Medical Center and one by Lone Tree City Center.