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Dec. 6, 2011

Interest Rates December 6, 2011

30 Year conforming loan, less than $417,000, is at 3.875% with only .5 origination fee!  A great rate!

15 Year conforming - 3.5% + $500 Flat Fee for origination

30 Year fixed rate jumbo - 4.875 + .25 origination fee

10/1 Jumbo ARM - 4.25% + .25 origination fee

FHA 30 year ...

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Nov. 18, 2011

Good Interest Rates Today From First Commercial Bank Colorado

Thirty year conforming loan, less than $417,000, is at 3.875% with only .75 origination fee!  This is very competitive.

FHA thirty year rate is at 3.875% with no origination fee.

Rates quotes are from Ron Dreilich of First Commercial Mortgage Colorado.  720.344.0953

Oct. 26, 2011

Denver Home Loan Interest Rates Up Slightly From a Month Ago

Interest rates for Denver real estate and home purchases have inched up a bit.  In September we were looking at 4.25% for a thirty year fixed rate loan.  This week that rate is closer to 4.5%.  Who knows, the rate may be back down a quarter percent ...

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Sept. 28, 2011

Key to Cheap Real Estate is Interest Rates

Not only have many areas in Metro Denver had real estate and home price drops over the last three years, today's interest rates make homes dirt cheap.  No pun intended.  The opportunity in today's Denver real estate market will not last forever.  In fact, is there a housing ...

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Sept. 21, 2011

60% Discount on Denver Real Estate and Homes for Sale?

Denver real estate and homes for sale are cheap!!!  Why are homes so cheap?  In addition to how the market has driven down price on homes, especially those over one million, interest rates are a fraction of what they were ten years or so ago.  As you can see from ...

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Sept. 15, 2011

Check out this Revolutionary New Loan Sweeping through America!

Cherry Creek Mortgage Introduces “The Home Ownership Accelerator” by CMG Mortgage Services

Home Ownership Accelerator GraphHow can this loan pay off sooner?

By direct deposit of your income into this mortgage.  It has an immediate and dramatic impact on your principle balance.  With this loan, interest is based on your daily ...

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Sept. 14, 2011

30 Year Jumbo Loan Rate Really Drops with Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo Private Mortgage Banking in Denver, Colorado today is offering a great rate of 4.25% with no points for a 30 year fixed rate Jumbo Loan!  The program is for purchase transactions only, not for re-financing.  One requirement is that the borrower must have a FICO credit score ...

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Sept. 6, 2011

Denver, CO Mortgage Interest Rates Effective September 6, 2011

Below are Denver, CO mortgage interest rates for home loans effective September 6, 2011 from Cherry Creek Mortgage.  Apply any of these rates with this Mortgage Calculator with available amortization scheule.

                                              Rate              Points

30 Yr. Fixed                            4.25%           1.0%
15 Yr Fixed                             3.25%           1 ...

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Sept. 2, 2011

Why Real Estate is Still America's Best Investment

If you believe the latest headlines, the economy fluctuates from recovery to ruin on a weekly basis. In reality, real estate is cyclical, and the market is on its way to recovery in most areas.  Although you may feel nervous about home ownership, property is still your best long-term investment ...

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Aug. 31, 2011

Denver, CO Mortgage Interest Rates Effective August 31, 2011

Below are Denver, CO mortgage interest rates for home loans effective August 31, 2011 from Cherry Creek Mortgage.  Apply any of these rates with this Mortgage Calculator with available amortization scheule. 

PRODUCT	                          RATE	   POINTS*
30 Yr. Fixed1 4.25% 1.0%

15 Yr Fixed 3.375% 1.0%
5-Yr ...
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