The lastest trends in technology always seem to be changing and evolving from being wireless and hands free to enhancing different types of experiences. One of these experiences that has become very active in the real estate world is the idea of 3D tours. This advancement is done using a 360-degree camera making it possible to get all angles of an area in minutes. Now, this is quite different than a video camera.

When you first open a 3D tour you are given two ways to see a home. One being "dollhouse" view which shows the house step by step as you click through you are given a feeling of actual being in the home and being present but being able to do so at the comfort of your iphone, tablet, or computer. The "floorplan" view which is the other option that is available shows the house from above, as if the roof was removed and you were looking down into it. 

The home that is linked in this blog is a gorgeous home with striking street appeal located in the very popular neighborhood of Homestead Farm II. This home was built by the well-known builder Sanford Homes and is the popular model known as a Manor House. You will click your way through this entire house and see the custom kitchen and updated master bath. With the tour you can see floor to ceiling views of each room and glide through with one simple click. 

Check out the 3D Tour here!